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Elsevier Society News Group (ESNG) serves as a unique bridge between Elsevier and important medical and scientific associations worldwide. IMNG is widely respected as the industry leader in medical news reporting and currently publishes ten independent medical newspapers for a variety of medical specialties. IMNG writers and editors attend over 500 medical and scientific meetings annually to collect and disseminate breaking news and critical reports. Now, ESNG employs the IMNG News Service to develop newspapers and other communications vehicles designed specifically for medical and scientific societies and associations.

The mission of the Society News Group is to forge strong strategic alliances with important medical societies by providing them with the ability to communicate effectively—and innovatively—with their members and the greater medical community. ESNG properties include monthly newspapers as well as trade show daily newspapers. In addition, educational supplements and special custom projects are delivered with the same high quality our clients expect from all Elsevier products.

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